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The e-commerce sector in the whole world is booming at a very impressive rate. Currently, in India itself the e-commerce market has a value of 64 billion dollars and this is estimated to reach a whopping 200 billion U.S. dollars by 2027. When we talk about e-commerce one name that comes first in most of our minds is Amazon. With a market share of more than 32% alone in the e-commerce sector, Amazon has certainly become favorites of many vendors to sell their products.

With more vendors coming in and to provide the best online purchase experience to its customers, Amazon has also list a strict set of vendor policies that the seller must compliant. Furthermore, the increase in customer demands for instant products, better quality and better services. It has become important for the business to follow the Amazon provisions. This is where the vendor required to adhere to the retailer’s EDI requirements.

Cogential IT Services with proven experts in Amazon EDI compliance and integration guarantees complete EDI solution to any vendor. We help you stay focus on your business while we handle your EDI compliance complexities. At Cogential you got to meet a handful of experts who will help you understand EDI in a whole and how to implement it for your business.

Is Amazon EDI for you?

A very common question asked by many vendors do we really need EDI integration to successfully sell your products in Amazon. If your business falls in any category below then its high time to invest in EDI.

–        Manual order processing has become a burden for you and costing you labor, time and money.

–        Producing fewer products because you’re not able to process large order volumes.

–        Frequent late or change in Purchase Order Acknowledgement.

–        The current order management system of your business giving frequent errors due to an increase in orders or unable to process orders above a certain value.

–        Want to have a central system that will connect your product inventory to the rest of your business.

–        Lack of the infrastructure and technicalities for order management.

Why should you hire US?

Apart from the experience that we bring with us in Amazon EDI integration, we have integrated our client’s business with Amazon and many other EDI trading partners to provide them fully compliant EDI solutions. EDI has become our specialty we had proved that with the right guidance implementing EDI to your business can be really easy. Apart from easy EDI compliance and solutions that will match your business needs, let’s see what we’re offering to our clients that will bolster their business.

–        Cogential IT Services is run by a group of EDI specialist who brings with them years of experience in the e-commerce sector. We understand EDI in and out which will help our clients to implement Amazon EDI successfully with their business irrespective of their team size.

–        We believe automation is future and manual entry of data has become an extinct system. This has made us proficient in seamlessly integrating EDI for businesses which are classified as Amazon Vendors.

–        You can choose from a variety of options to connect with Amazon – VAN/communications only, standalone Web EDI, or integrated Cloud EDI. We can supplement or be your complete EDI department.

–        We provide a reliable EDI solution to your business by providing a fast and secure EDI VAN and servers with 99.998% uptime. A team is set up only to ensure that everything is running smoothly with your Amazon EDI program.

–        Our way of handling the whole Amazon EDI is completely secure as we don’t install any software in your side. The whole process is cloud-based and one can easily Amazon EDI transaction online. All you need is a computer with a browser and an internet connection.

–        Unlike others in the market, our EDI integration solution is quick and easy. Which further proves out be both cost and time effective for your business.

–        Our work doesn’t limit to only integrating your a business system with Amazon EDI, we also continue to provide maintenance and readily available support.

      Amazon EDI enhances your business to streamline your operation and allow your business to stay focus on product building rather than just fulfilling orders. Let us help you make your business EDI capable for Amazon with our easy EDI integration solution. The experienced professional at Cogential IT services helps you tackle any EDI compliance and ensure that the whole system is on the same page while your business keeps on growing.

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